Feeding the Community

BLOG | 27 October 2021

Introducing Freely Fruity, a local community charity with a big heart co-founded by our very own Design Director Ryan Simpson.

Our mission is to plant more fruit for people to enjoy in local communities for free and reduce our carbon footprint as we do it

Freely Fruity

In March 2020 three friends Ryan, James and Matt decided to follow their dream of making fruit freely available to everyone and Freely Fruity was founded. The vision to provide food to people and wildlife through planting fruit trees and bushes in local communities.

Beyond sustenance, there was the added benefit the trees would directly reduce carbon emissions and lower the carbon footprint of shop bought fruit. They currently farm a compact two-acre, organic site in Sindlesham, inclusive of large, netted enclosures, a 60ft polytunnel and several raised beds.

Aside from this Freely Fruity also have our fruit tree nursery; these trees are destined to be planted in various local community projects. All food grown on site is donated to local food banks and other charities. In 2021 Freely Fruity donated 2 tons of fresh organic produce to the local foodbanks.

Learn more, visit website @ www.freelyfruity.org